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Ken speaking full-time since 1999.

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Calendar of Events

Catholic Minute

  • Support Your Catholic Priest (Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski)
  • Following Jesus Christ (Catholic Speaker: Ken Yasinski)
  • Are All Religions Equal (Responding To Amazon Synod: Catholic Salvation)
  • Album Preview: Majesty (Catholic Worship Music)
  • Behind The Scenes Look (Catholic Speakers Ken and Janelle)
  • What Is Our Catholic Ministry About? (Help these Catholic Videos?)
  • Eucharist Real Presence (How To Prepare To Receive)
  • Unplanned Movie (Controversy In Canada)
  • Catholic Conversions - Our Faith Defining Moments (Catholic Speakers Ken & Janelle)
  • Raising Children (catholic marriage advice)
  • Catholic Marriage Advice (Date Your Spouse)
  • Divine Mercy Sunday, 2019 (Feast Of Mercy)
  • Divine Mercy Novena, 2019 - Day 9 (Lukewarm Souls)
  • Divine Mercy Novena - Day 8 (Souls In Purgatory)
  • Divine Mercy Novena - Day 7 (Easter Thursday, 2019)
  • Divine Mercy Novena - Day 6 (Easter Wednesday, 2019)
  • Divine Mercy Novena: Day 5 (2019)
  • Divine Mercy Novena - Day 4 (Easter Monday 2019)
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