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Fullness of Purpose parish mission is designed specifically to help re-evangelize the baptized. It was created to help participants encounter Jesus Christ, and become his faithful disciple. 

It involves:

  • Two Day Parish Mission: a talked followed by musical Eucharistic Adoration each evening
  • Follow-Up Program: six video sessions designed to build upon the mission experience
  • Optional Leadership Training: equipping parish leaders on how to host the follow up program

 Watch highlights of both the parish mission and video follow up program!

Watch the below video to get a detail explanation (11mins)


What Is Unique About This Mission?

  • Proclamation: A clear and simple proclamation of the Gospel.  
  • Adoration: An opprotunity to encounter Jesus
  • Follow Up: A free 6 session video program for participants


People will not respond to Christ unless they can recognize how Jesus is personally relevant. Each presentation in the mission is specifically created to demonstrate the life changing power of the Gospel. 

Ken’s dynamic presentation style has developed over 20 years of full-time speaking experience. He effectively engages people of all ages.  He makes use of many personal stories and analogies to communicate the personal love of God, and inspires participants to respond to the invitation of Jesus. 

Watch below of Ken speaking at various event



To know Jesus we must be introduced to Him and encounter His love! In the words of St. John Paul II, “sometimes even Catholics, have lost or never had the chance to experience Christ personally.” Let’s change that!

Musical Eucharistic Adoration is an effective way to facilitate an environment to help people encounter Christ.  For 15-20 mins, Ken leads participants in songs of adoration, prayer and silence before Jesus exposed in the blessed sacrament.  This can be a very powerful and moving time for participants, especially when followed up after a preached message. This is where people encounter him.

During adoration participants are invited to make a personal act of faith to commit themselves consciously to Christ.  For some, this is a renewal of a commitment that is already alive in their life.  But often for others, this is first time they may be aware of this type of commitment. The invitation to commit is key in the process of evangelization

Follow Up

The follow-up program is a practical evangelistic introduction to the Catholic faith and specifically builds upon the two day mission experience.  It is more than simple instruction on the faith, but shows why the Catholic faith personally matters. 


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Ken speaking full-time since 1999.

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