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Living With An Eternal Perspective Listen to sample recorded live here

Do you have a life goal: a clear vision of the type of person you want to become and a plan of how to get there?  Most people do not.  They float through life, living day to day, never giving any thought to the last moment of their life.  If we have no vision, we lose our way.  

In this presentation Ken shares a riveting personal experience of being mugged in the jungles of St. Lucia, and how facing death greatly influenced his world view.


Audiences will:

  • be inspired to live with an eternal perspective
  • learn the two things we can bring into heaven with us
  • be challenged to embrace God’s dream/goal for their life
  • learn 3 spiritual principles to apply in everyday living, that move us towards God’s goal for our life


Turn Your Mess Into A Message: Mary and A Messy Life

Have you ever felt like your life was a mess?  Has it ever seem like things were falling apart at the seams and nothing was going your way?  Mary, the Mother of Jesus, knows exactly what that is like.  Her earthly life was a series of messes.  But because of her response, they have become a powerful message for us.  She can teach us and help us get through those times when life just doesn't make sense.   


Audiences will:

  • grow in appreciation for Mary the Mother of God
  • personally identify with the struggles of Mary’s life
  • grow in Marian Devotion and confidence to ask her intercession 
  • find strength to get through life’s messes



What Is Our Purpose?Listen to sample recorded live, here.

Have you ever wondered if there was a greater purpose for your life? One of the greatest sufferings is not having a reason for living.  A person can put a band aid on a cut, pop a pill for a headache, but when a person has no purpose they lose their way. Their passion for life is lost, and any little additional suffering is magnified.  

In this presentation Ken shares vulnerably his faith journey. He opens up about his struggle to find meaning in life. How his battle with anxiety and low self worth eventually lead to despair.  No longer did the Catholic Church seem relevant.  God seemed dead.  How did things change?  That is the rest of the story.


Audiences will:

  • learn why God created them
  • understand what happens when we live in contradiction to God’s purpose
  • be inspired to a greater purpose in life
  • gain a higher appreciation for God’s personal love
  • be challenged to make a personal decision of faith.




Freedom Through Forgiveness Listen to sample recorded live here

What is the only solution for sin?  The world offers us many different options. You could earn your way out of it with a bunch of good works.  Change your philosophy so you don’t feel guilty about it.  Finally, tell yourself that sin is a made up concept, there is no such thing.  An honest reading of the teachings of Jesus reveal to us the only solution for sin, is the forgiveness of God.  The question is then, how do we open ourselves to His mercy?


Audiences will:

  • be inspired with a beautiful examination of the tenderness and mercy of God
  • learn of negative consequences that unconfessed sin brings to our lives
  • learn four reasons to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • be challenged to ask and accept God’s mercy


The Promise Of Power

Who is the Holy Spirit? What difference can He make in our lives? Jesus promised the Apostles power after the Holy Spirit came to them (Act 1:8). Their lives where radically changed after upper room experience.  This event is not to remain uniquely the Apostles. It is for the whole Church. Are we experiencing the power Jesus promised?


Audiences will:

  • be inspired to constantly seek the Holy Spirit
  • learn that upper room empowerment of the apostles if for everyone
  • learn the effects that the Holy Spirit can have in our personal life
  • learn the mission the Holy Spirit has for everyone
  • learn some practical steps to yield more fully to the Holy Spirit



Becoming A Living Thank You

Imagine that you won one million dollars.  How much more happy would you be 6 months after that win?  Would you be happier?  Yes.  Research shows that a person would be approximately 4% happier.  But what if there was a way to increase your happiness level by 10%, and you didn’t have to depend upon the lucky draw of a lottery number, would you be interested?  And what if this way to happiness also glorified God and depen your relationship with Him?  These are the benefits of gratitude and more. 


Audiences will:

  • be inspired to take responsibility for their attitude and model it after Christ
  • learn spiritual and physical benefits of gratitude
  • be given practical tools to develop the attitude of thanksgiving
  • learn why thanksgiving is the only appropriate response in life for every circumstance 

2 Life Changing Decisions: Prayer and Fasting

Would you like to experience God’s plan for your life?  Then this is absolutely impossible without a life of prayer & fasting.  We can hope for God’s plan, we can desire God’s plan, but until we start deleting theses two disciples, we will miss out on the life God has for us.  The good news is, it is never too late to start.  What is the best stage in life to start paying? Years ago!  When is the second best time to start praying regularly?  Today!


Audiences will:

  • be inspired towards establishing or maintaining a daily prayer life
  • learn 2 simple methods of prayer
  • learn the basic foundation of prayer and how to practice it
  • learn 2 major benefits to fasting
  • understand why fasting is critical to deepening the spiritual life


Mercy In Motion: A Life Giving Decision

Has somebody ever hurt you deeply, and you’ve been trying to move on from that experience but just can’t? Do memories of the past steal your peace in the present? Have you ever over reacted and didn’t know why? All these and more are possible signs that we are stuck in unforgiveness.  God has something better in store for us.  He wants to heal us and set us free from the emotional baggage that weighs us down, but we need to make a key decision that will begin the process of healing. 


Audiences will:

  • be inspired by the unconditional love that God has for us
  • learn how to recognize symptoms of unforgiveness in their own life
  • learn what forgiveness is and what it is not
  • be given a practical exercise to deal with unforgiveness


5 Blessings Of The Eucharist

If you loved somebody with all your heart, would you desire the best to happen in their life?  We don’t want second best for those we love.  True love desire the absolute good for the other.  So if God loves us, what is the best he offers us in our earthly life?  The answer: the Eucharist.  


Audiences will:

  • grow in appreciation of the Eucharist
  • be inspired by 5 effects of receiving the Eucharist
  • recognize the tremendous blessing of attending mass
  • learn scriptural basis of the REAL PRESENCE of Christ in the Eucharist 

5 Life Changing Decisions (part 1 & 2)

Have you ever wondered how to live out God’s plan for your life?  These two presentation come as a package together.  Their purpose is to inspire audiences to make concrete daily, weekly and monthly decisions to grow in holiness.  This presentation is not focused on abstract theological insights, but practical day to day spirituality.  Both the “how to” and the “why” behind each of the following disciplines are covered: 

1) Prayer 2) Fasting 4) Formation 5) Fellowship and 6) Sacraments. 


Audience will:

  • we learn recognize that only when our daily decisions change will our lives change
  • be challenged to the regular discipline of prayer and fasting
  • understand the importance of solid faith formation
  • discover the benefits and importance of fellowship 
  • gain a deeper appreciation for the sacraments


A Catholic Identity Crisis

What is the deepest identity of the Church? What is the deepest identity of the parish we come from? If we don’t know who we are as Catholics we can’t live right! The crisis of faith we are experiencing in the Catholic Church, is really a crisis of identity.  John Paul II said, “If we are what we should be we will set the world ablaze with Christ love.” Do we know what we should be?  Very simply, we are all called to be evangelizers. 

Audiences will:

  • learn that evangelization is inseparable from being Catholic
  • that you do NOT need a theology back to share the faith
  • learn 2 practical techniques to share the faith with others
  • be inspired to yield more fully to the power of the Holy Spirit who is the principle agent of evangelization

5 Expressions Of Love

We all know that as Catholics, we are supposed to be a “loving people”, but what exactly does this mean?  What does love look like? What does it sound like? 

Audiences will:

  • learn 5 practical expression of love.  
  • become aware of how love is supposed to act
  • learn how to be more intention in loving others

Note: This presentation partly takes it’s inspiration from a booked by Gary Chapman called the “5 Love Languages”, but puts a Catholic perspective on it. 


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